✨ Rest Easy Angels ✨

by - June 12, 2018

So it took me a little bit to be able to figure out how I wanted write about Kate Spade’s suicide and be able to word everything properly. I also realized I couldn’t just make it about her but all suicides that have been happening. So as I was listening to music reflecting on her, and the role in general and all suicide victims around the world this is what came about. 

Kate Spade, a very well known fashion designer who always told us to live colorfully and seemed so positive, took herself away from the world. 

Amy Bleuel, the founder of the well known semi colon project. She started this to raise awareness to mental illness and help people share their stories and end the stigma, also, has taken herself from the world. 

Robin Williams, one of the funniest comedian actors, brought so many smiles to everyone around the world has taken himself from the world. 

Kurt Cobain, Mindy McCready, Alexander McQueen, Lucy Gordon, Clay Adler and so so many others have ended their lives, and these are just those who were well known. 

All these people are the ones who seemed like they had it all. Fame, fortune. Everyone thinks that fame is the way to happiness, but is it really? These people fought so many battles, and found it too hard to continue on. When a famous person dies, everyone starts talking about Mental Health and suicide, and how important it is, which is great but why does it have to take famous people for everyone to realize that suicide is a problem. I just named 8 people who ended their lives, when what we aren’t realizing is there are some other people around this world ending their lives every single day. 

Awareness to mental health and suicide prevention isn’t making a meme, isn’t starting a hashtag. 

It’s checking up on your close friends and family, ALL OF THEM, making sure they are okay, finding out if there’s anything you can do for them. It’s helping someone who is struggle find the right resources, encouraging them to speak to anyone even if it’s YOU. It’s not letting your loved ones feel lonely, unloved or not accepted. It’s sticking up for the kids being picked on, being kind to each other, not participating In gossip and rumours. 

Suicide and mental health is real and it’s a big problem that’s only getting worse. BE the generation to try and change that. 

Here I say, 

Rest Easy to all those sweet angels, who have taken their lives to feel free from their pain. Fly high ✨

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