I am Depression.

by - October 21, 2018

Hello there,
please let me introduce myself to you.

I am your new friend, but you cannot see me, you cannot touch me, you cannot speak to me. I however, can speak to you. I am constantly speaking to you. I am always in your head. You try to get rid of me, but nothing works. I follow you everywhere, and just when you think you have gotten away from me.. you turn around and there I am. We are back to where we started.

You may consider me an enemy. I make you feel alone,and not want to do anything. I tell you that you are worthless,when I know ve

ry well, that it is a lie.. but you believe me anyway. I make you believe that nobody loves you, when in fact I know, so many people love you. I make you feel like you will not have a future, when I know very well that you have the ability to be very successful and live a happy life. I make you feel like you are lazy and ugly, when I know that you are so precious and beautiful inside and out. I make you believe that you will be in pain forever. You will never be loved, you will never be happy, life will never get better, you will always be alone. I make you hate yourself, I make you want to stop eating or eat too much. I make you stay in bed all day, I make it hard for you to get up and do anything, even something as simple as a shower. I make you irritable and angry with everyone and everything. I make you cry, I make you mad. Sometimes, I even make you feel numb, and not let you feel anything at all, and you hate it.

Sometimes, I convince you to turn to alcohol and/or drugs. I convince you that it is okay, that these things make you better, because they make you feel better, they take away the pain. I make you believe they are making you better and keeping you happy, so much, that you end up doing them every single day and become addicted, and now you have more problems and don't realize it. I hurt you every day, and I make you do things that are out of character. I make you seem crazy, and I make you withdraw from family and friends. I make you isolate yourself, and make you stay away from people and stop you from socializing, which makes you feel even more lonely than before.

I make you believe that this is how the rest of your life is going to be. I make you feel like nothing gets better, and make you stop caring. I make you harm yourself and I make you feel like the only way that the pain is going to end, is by death. And sometimes.... I win.

I am depression.

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