Christmas On A Budget

by - December 02, 2018

On the second day of Blogmas, 411 HOPE have to me, Tips for Christmas on a budget.

Christmas can be such a stressful time of year! Not everyone has loads of money to spend on their loved ones for Christmas even if they wish they could! I have a few personal tricks and tips for those who struggle financially, as I can relate!

1. Inexpensive gifts: You can always try to find something that is inexpensive and figure out ways to personalize it. For example you could get someone a sweet little necklace that’s not expensive and leave a nice handmade card with a sweet note with it!

2. Handmade gifts: There are TONS of handmade presents ideas on Pinterest! I’m sure you could always find something for those you want to give presents to!

3. Stocking Stuffers: You can always go to your local dollar store and find a stocking and get a bunch of different goodies and throw it all together in the stocking!

4. Letters and handmade cards: Really all you need for this is paper and writing stuff! Could write a really heart warming letter to your loved one, or just make the a simple card that comes from the heart.

Please don’t ever feel like you HAVE to give them something. I’m sure they understand, and keep in mind, the best part of Christmas is just spending that time with your family, and having a good day to relax and eat and watch some movies together ♥️

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